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Crash of an English mail plane on June 8, 1919 in Soye Floreffe: Gilbert Bannerman – William Nichol Wilson

Crash of an English plane in 1919 in Soye Floreffe : Gilbert Bannerman – William Nichol Wilson

08 - 06 - 1919 Crash d'un avion postal anglais reliant COLOGNE TO FOLKESTONE

It was a Sunday. A postal plane connecting Cologne to Folkestone, with Gilbert Gunn Bannerman and William Wilson on board, crashed into Jodion Soye.

crash d'un avion aéropostal à Soye (Floreffe) en 1919

Remembering Grove Former Pupil Second Lieutenant Gilbert Bannerman, 110th Sqdn RAF, who died on the 8Th June 1919 age 26 years. He was born 23.10.1892, and left Grove 14th February 1908. His parents were John and Elizabeth. Sadly his mother died before he was 5 years old. While in the RAF he crashed on a mail flight to Cologne, Floreffe, near Namur, Belgium. Gilbert is buried in Belgrade Cemetery, Namur, in Belgium. While leafing through the newspaper "Patriot Illustrated" of June 22, 1919, we discover an article about an accident of English mail plane to Floreffe, which would have made two victims, the occupants of the plane. It is by postcards of the time that we specify it was actually crashed at Soye Jodion on June 8, 1919. This fact could only be related in Vers l'Avenir of the time? It is in a "old paper" scholarship in 2016 that, shifted in a box, this V.A. ( as it was said there is little) resurfaced. Here is the excerpt that I let you discover, as well as some clippings English and French, taking over the news from Reuters. According to her, the plane would have spiraled and would have turned around. The pilot would have been ejected from the aircraft because he had not put on his seatbelt. It was found 250 meters from the observer who was lying under the engine. There was no mail on board.

So Reuter agency reports the information. Outside, in the military archives of the 103 squadron, it mentions that at each exit (more than 20 flights), Gilbert Bannerman is observer and non-pilot. The pilots with whom he had stolen were:
* Capt. Roy Edward Dodds October 30, 1918, departure: 07:50, return: 10:30, the squadron, led by Captain Dodds, attacked targets near Orcq, Tournai, Belgium, at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Turning to return home, the formation was attacked by ten enemy fighters. During the fighting that followed, two enemy aircraft were seen to lose control even though they did not see themselves crushed.
* Capt. John Stevenson Stubbs
* Lt. Leslie Weston Marchant born March 1, 1896
* Lieutenant Joel Gordon Chrispin Hirst / Crispin, then transferred to the 110th
* Major Michael Henry Braddon Nethersole (born September 15, 1891)

Major Michael Henry Braddon Nethersole

As far as William Wilson is concerned, he is always mentioned as a pilot on each outing
He had as observer:
* Serg. John Bernard Russell (Canadian) WIA
Born in Pictou, Nova Scotia on June 5, 1894, he joined CEF in Ottawa on May 17, 1915, before becoming an observer.
* Lt. Joseph Allan Lisle

Chute d'un avion du service postal  Cologne - Folkestone  le 8 juin 1919

Belgique, Soye (Jodion) près de Franière (Floreffe) - Chute d'un avion du service postal  Cologne - Folkestone  le 8 juin 1919

Belgique, Soye (Jodion) près de Franière (Floreffe) - Chute d'un avion du service postal  Cologne - Folkestone  le 8 juin 1919

William Nichol Wilson The grandson of William's brother recorded his grandfather John (1896-1992) who told him that William Nichol was nicknamed "Billy" and that he was born in Benfieldside, County Durham in the United Kingdom on 19 August 1898, son of Twentyman and Sarah Ann Nixon. He had left school at age 14 to become a "desk boy" at J. Ainsley & Sons. As he had a beautiful writing, he became an employee. Engaged September 11, 1917 Arrived in France for the first time on June 19, 1918. July 11, 1918, he joined the squadron 103 William wrote to his brother in September 1917 wondering why he had joined the infantry rather than the Royal Flying Corps. In 1911, the two boys saw "aeronaut" Gustav Hammel perform a flight demonstration at Carlisle Racecourse. At home, they had planes as toys.

Au millieu, les deux Wilson, Jack et William

William would have known Bannerman because he was often
the observer of the 5 to 8 regular air formations
who participated in the bombing raids on Belgium in 1918.
Flying Officer, he now rests at the Namur Cemetery in Belgrade.

William Nichol Wilson

burial of William Wilson at the Namur cemetery in Belgrade with Jonathan Vernon burial of William Wilson at the Namur cemetery in Belgrade

Gilbert Gunn BANNERMAN him, was born on October 23, 1892, York Place in Perth, second child of the first marriage of John Bannerman with Mollison Elisabeth, (seven children followed with his second wife, Jemima Meiklejohn).

Gilbert Gunn BANNERMAN

Gilbert Gunn BANNERMAN

Before enlisting, he served in the merchant marine. Aboard "Princess Victoria", they were attacked by a submarine. He understood that the navy was not for him. Then he had engaged for 10 years in the artillery. In case of problems, his uncle had to be forewarned: Bannerman, Thomas Gunn, commission agent, 79 Virginia Street; ho. 54 Garnethill Street.

Gilbert Gunn BANNERMAN

Gilbert grew up in Glasgow. where it is commemorated on the Plaque of the Glasgow Sutherland Association,
Dornoch Cathedral He also rests at the Namur cemetery in Belgrade

Plaque commémorative Gilbert Gunn BANNERMAN

Gilbert Gunn Bannerman

burial of Gilbert Gunn Bannerman at the Namur cemetery in Belgrade burial of Gilbert Gunn Bannerman at the Namur cemetery in Belgrade

The Grove Academy's World War I and World War II memorials have recently been the subject of significant conservation and restoration work since their installation outside the school building in 2010, after the school moves to its new premises. An unveiling ceremony was held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. She presented the restored memorials inside the school building in the assembly hall. Staff and students participated in the search for former students on the honor list.

commemorative Grove Academy Dundee Broughty Ferry

commemorative Grove Academy

Grove Academy ww1 memorial

'Folkestone. Air post to Cologne - letters for British soldiers are carried to Germany by "Airco" de Havilland machines'
avion postal anglais du type de Haviland qui s'est écrasé à Jodion Soye en 1919, assurant la liaison Folkeston-Cologne

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